Lin Shi, PhD, LMFT

State of Illinois, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Nineteen years of clinical experiences

Texas Tech University

Couple relationships; Child abuse and trauma recovery; Parent-child relationships; Whole family issues; Conflict resolution; Marriage across cultures.

Full Professor in Marriage and Family Therapy, Northern Illinois University

Dr. Shi’s research has been published in Family Process, The American Journal of Family Therapy, Journal of Family Psychotherapy and other professional journals. Studies include effective treatment methods of family therapy, implications of attachment theory and research in individual and couple therapy, as well as the impact of early trauma and its recovery in adulthood.

Professional Contribution
Dr. Shi is a well-respected clinician, educator, and researcher in the field of marriage and family therapy. She is invited regularly by leading universities internationally to lecture on special topics in Marriage and Family Therapy and provide intensive clinical supervision. She has conducted workshops, trainings, and clinical supervision in Norway, Hong Kong, Kosovo, and China. She has presented at the World Congress of Family Therapy in such countries as Portugal, Holland, Iceland, Slovenia, and Canada. She also presents regularly at the Annual Conference of the American Association of Family Therapy.

Clinical Fellow, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT); Member, International Family Therapy Association (IFTA); former Board Member, Training Division, IFTA

Theoretical Framework
Dr. Shi’s clinical work is dynamically influenced by the Attachment Theory, Bowen’s Family Systems Theory, Structural Family Therapy, and Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy. Her unique ability to understand the client’s challenge as well as strengths comes from her skillful examination and exploration of important life events and emotional experiences. She is an expert in helping clients make constructive changes through gaining important insight from the past, and creating constructive emotional experiences. She encourages clients to explore through her nurturing and sensitive clinical moves.